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2016.09.12  Diplomatic Briefing at Mongolian Embassy to be held

Mongolian Embassy and Globe International Center, a Mongolian civil society organization have organized Diplomatic Briefing in Beijing on 12 September, 2016 at the Mongolian Embassy Meeting Hall.
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2013.01.15  Mongolia: Supporting self-sustainability of community radios

Globe International, a Mongolian NGO has completed a nine-month project entitled Mongolia: supporting self-sustainability of community radiosimplemented from April, 2012 till December, 2012 under the funding of Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). The project’s goal was to promote sustainability of community radios through enhanced community participation and institutional capacity building of professional association of community radios that is able to advocate and defend the rights and common interests of community radios.  
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2012.12.10  “Community media for community development” advocacy seminar is going to be held

Community media for community development” advocacy seminar is going to be held on December 14, 2012 at Open Society Forum Conference Hall. The seminar will be organized by Globe International NGO in conjunction with the Office of the President of Mongolia and UNESCO, Beijing Office. Ms. Sezin Sinanoglu, UN Resident Coordinator and Representative of the UNDP and M.Batchimeg, Member of Parliament will give opening speech.  

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2012.11.15  Cooperation with Media to Raise Public Awareness on ASM Issues

Globe International, NGO completed the project “Cooperation with Media to Raise Public Awareness on ASM Issues” to facilitate the implementation of the awareness development activities on ASM through media. SAM hired Globe International, a media development NGO to render the specific tasks outlined in the contract for a period June 2012 through October 2012.  The project is a part of larger public raising activities of the SDC’s Sustainable Artisanal Mining Project which is envisaged that accurate public information on ASM will stimulate a positive understanding and influence appropriate policy debates to continuously improve the situation of ASM in Mongolia. The specific project was aimed to encourage debate, raise awareness on current status and challenges of artisanal small scale mining, to enhance understanding on ASM amongst the Mongolian public.

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2012.11.08  Civil Society Statement in conjunction with the Bali Democracy Forum V

The civil society conference, held parallel to the BDF, is organized jointly by the Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development (FORUM-ASIA), Imparsial, Aliansi Jurnalis Independen (AJI), and IDSPS to address emerging issues relating to democracy in Asia and civil society’s perspectives and roles in relation to these issues. This conference is held against the backdrop of an apparent move towards democratization in some previously closed regimes, but at the same time evident setbacks in democratic processes have also been witnessed, including reversals in countries with purported formal democratic systems.

Representatives from 21 Asian civil society organizations, including Globe International, gather on 5-6 November, 2012 in conjunction with the BDF to critically assess the situation and highlight challenges to democratization and human rights in Asia.  

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2012.09.30  48 Hour Short Film Festival

“48 hour film festival, Mongolia” was held for the third time in Ulaanbaatar on September 18th through 24th of 2012. In total, 27 teams and 259 young enthusiasts competed in the festival and they produced 25 short movies from 3 to 7 minutes within 48 hours.

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2012.08.20  "Ask" campaign on decriminalization of defamation

Globe International is implementing a campaigning on decriminalization of defamation “Ask!” with the support of the International Freedom of Expression Exchange network (IFEX). It is a part of our long-term strategy aiming at creation of favorable media legal environment, particularly decriminalization defamation.

The main strategic concept of the campaigning is to ask the political parties and candidates, if they are committed to repeal the criminal defamation during the election campaigning and  lobby them to say “YES!” and  ask them again to take their promises after formation of the new Parliament and Government in the Fall 2012.

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2012.07.03  SHORT MOVIE NIGHT 2012

Our annual “Short Movie Night” is going to be held on July 6, 2012, at 6.00pm at Black Box Theatre. It was launched last year for the first time in cooperation with the Goethe Institute, Mongolia, and Black Box Theatre with a purpose to promote Mongolian short movie and encourage young Mongolian filmmakers and develop their talent through providing them with an opportunity to show their movies to the international and local communities and exchange information and experience with filmmakers around the world.

We will be showing the best international and Mongolian short movies including “The Model”, short movie from Shanghai and one of the best films of the “48-hour” International Film Festival.

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2012.07.03  Join us on the "Short Movie Night"

Ladies and Gentlemen, you are cordially invited to the "Short Movie Night" which will be held on July 6, 2012, at 6.00pm at Black Box Theatre.

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2012.07.02  Globe International is deeply concerned about an attack on “Sky” television crew of Khuvsgul aimag, western province of Mongolia

Globe International (GI) is deeply concerned about the attack on journalists and cameramen from Sky television station of Khuvsgul aimag. They were verbally attacked and beaten, some of them were seriously injured.   

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