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   Programs & Projects » Supporting the Rights of Independent Media » Monitoring Press Freedom and Supporting Independent Media in Mongolia /2010-2016/
2016.02.29  Globe International Center believes Police will complete a thorough investigation of the death of famous Mongolian journalist and publicist

Over three months has passed since Luntan Bolormaa, a female journalist and publicist, was found dead at her home on the night of 21 November 2015. Bolormaa’s family members, friends, relatives, co-workers, the journalism community and the public are anxious for Police to investigate and report on her sudden death.
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2016.01.15  Member of Parliament launches defamation lawsuit against two daily newspapers

Odriin Sonin (Daily News) published an article titled: “Fact of laundering ‘New railway’ project’s 42 mln. USD in South Korea to be recorded” in issue No.279 on November 19, 2015. Undesnii Shuudan (National Post), a daily newspaper, also published two articles titled: “960 billion hidden behind an Amnesty Law” and “Private companies to be cheated by partnership” in issues No.156 and No.157 on August 19 and 20, 2015.
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2015.07.16  Globe International Center condemns detention of website journalist

Alert – Mongolia
16 July, 2015
Globe International Center (GIC) strongly condemns the detention of Battulga Sodnomdarjaa, a female journalist from info.mn website and calls for her immediate release. She was arrested on July 9, 2015 and taken to the detention center Gants Hudag.
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2015.02.05  Mongolian officials file criminal defamation charges against provincial journalists

Globe International Center (GIC) is deeply concerned about criminal defamation charges brought against two provincial journalists - N.Munkhtur, from Orkhon province and S. Ankhbayar from Uvs province - based on complaints filed by the Chairmen of the Citizens Representative Khural. Even though the articles were in the public interest, the two journalists are being accused of defamation through online and social media.
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2015.01.19  Researcher fined, charged with defamation for criticising Mongolian minister on Twitter

The former minister of Road and Transportation, Mr. A. Gansukh, has filed a criminal lawsuit against Mr. L. Davaapil for defaming him through social media. A first instance court hearing was held in December 2014 during which the accused was ordered to pay a 9.7 mln. MNT (approx. US$5,200) fine in compensation, in accordance with the Criminal Code, provision 111.2; the amount is 51 times higher than the minimum wage.
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2014.07.18  OSCE media freedom representative concerned about blocking of news website in Mongolia

VIENNA, 10 July 2014 – OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media Dunja Mijatović today expressed concern about the blocking of the news website Amjilt.com in Mongolia.
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2014.07.15  Mongolian website blocked after posting article about prime minister's property

9 July 2014 Globe International Center Globe International Center strongly denounces the blocking of the news website amjilt.com by the Communications Regulatory Commission (CRC).

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2014.07.08  Website blocked after posting an article about PMs’ owned entity

Globe International Center strongly denounces the blocking of the news website amjilt.com by the Communications Regulatory Commission (CRC). 
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2014.01.09  Globe International Center condemns District Court over fines and criminal defamation charges leveled against Terguun newspaper journalists

Alert - Mongolia
9 January, 2014

On September 23, 2013 the Chingeltei District Court reviewed the criminal case against three Terguun newspaper journalists according to article 111.2 of the Criminal Code and imposed fines of 29 mln.MNT (approx.US$17.000) on them, instructing that “inability to pay the fines would result in a 3 year prison sentence.

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2012.10.16  Editor-in-chief sentenced to two-year and one month in jail for illegal privatization

Alert – Mongolia
15 October, 2012
SOURCE: Globe International
Globe International is deeply concerned about the criminal defamation charges brought against editor-in-chef of Ulaanbaatar Times daily newspaper Do.Chuluunbaatar. On 2 August 2012 the Sukhbaatar District Court convicted him under the Mongolian Criminal Code. He sentenced along with the former president N.Enkhbayar and two other individuals. Do.Chuluunbaatar was indicted for causing heavy damage to the state property with others and sentenced to a two-year and one month in jail.

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