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Globe International is a nonprofit, non-membership, tax-exempted NGO. It was founded in March 1999 and is based in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia.


          Sustain Mongolian democracy and civil society through spreading power of information and knowledge.


          Established democratic culture, informed and empowered citizens 
   Knowledge is Power

         • Independence
         • Fairness
         • Democratic
         • Non-discrimination
         • Corruption Free

Strategy Concept

         Information is a basis of knowledge. Informed and knowledgeable citizens are powerful and the are able to participate in governemnt affairs and social development and progress. Enjoying the public’s rights to free expression and access to information is one of the fundaments for consolidation and development of the democratic, civil and healthy society that respects human rights and truely serives the public.

Strategic Goal

        Goal of Globe International is to help the public to access information using all possible means of information and knowledge distribution such as traditional media, publications and new information and communication technology

Target Group:  The general public and media


• Legal reform 
          • Researches and analysis
          • Media campaign
          • Training and other events
          • Monitoring
          • Other innovative methods

Strategic programs and objectives

1. Supporting the Rights of Independent Media
          2. Promoting Good and Transparency Governance for People
          3. Empowering the Public through IEC and Arts


Cherishing human dignity, human rights, freedom and justice, we shall work for public benefit within the framework of a human-centered democratic society and the rule of law, free of corruption, violence and intolerance. 

We are joining this document on May 14, 2007  in declaration of our intent to make our best effort to abide by the following principles at all times in our operations.  

Principle 1.


Internal Democracy
NGO shall have an internal governance structure that provides for democratic decision-making in defining NGO mission, goals, management policy and its implementation, financial operations and program activities.

Principle 2.  


NGOs obliged to be officially non-partisan shall not engage in partisan activities (i.e., activities that serve interests of a particular political party, force or group). NGOs affiliated to political parties may join these Principles. In such a case, they shall uphold the principle of non-partisanship in their public benefit activities.

Principle 3.

Transparency and Accountability of Activities
NGOs shall ensure the transparency of their activities and report regularly to the public

Principle 4.

Financial Transparency and Accountability
NGOs shall truthfully conduct their financial accounts and reports and ensure an efficient use of funds. Financial reports shall be open to public. 

Principle 5.

NGOs shall not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, ethnicity, nationality, social background, social status, sexual orientation, race, previous conviction or other categories. 

Principle 6. 

Conflict of Interest
NGOs shall strive to avoid conflict of interest. In case avoidance is not possible, a person faced with the issue shall openly declare his/her conflict of interest.   
Principle 7. 
Health and Environment
NGO activities shall be health- and environment-friendly. 
Principle 8.

Cooperation and Coordination
NGOs shall strengthen their cooperation, coordination and partnerships based on mutual respect and support. 

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